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Fresh versus Frozen

Dec 16 2014

When you order from, your order will always be delivered fresh and will not be frozen. We strongly believe that fresh produce is the only way to sell meat. There are many reasons for this; the most important being freedom.

We know that people want the freedom to come home and cook their meals when they want. Whether you want to cook your meat just after it is delivered by our friendly couriers or whether you want pop it in the fridge overnight, it’s your choice. If it arrives frozen, you have no choice but to wait for it to thaw. Some of our competitors ask their customers to allow over 24 hours for thawing meaning meals have to be well planned days in advance.

One thing all the food nutritionists agree on when it comes to frozen meat is that it should be frozen quickly and thawed very slowly. The first part is the easier of the two. The simple physical and changes in the meat at a cellular level (cells when frozen, expand and break) allows the moisture to run out during cooking.

*“When meats are frozen, ice crystals form inside the cells of muscle tissue and puncture the cell walls. That's why your meats leak juices when they're thawed.”

This can mean a dryer and less tasty end product. This is why we ensure that your meat arrives fresh.

If you decide that you would like to freeze your meat on arrival, please do, but do so at your own leisure. At John Gilmour Butcher’s we will give you the freedom to do it the way you want to.

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